From humble beginnings in 2008, Kijaro has developed from a creative outlet to a passionate obsession for Kimberley. From treasure hunting in Toowoomba in the early days, to attending fairs, flea markets and estates across Australia and the world, Kimberley loves to share her passion for all things old with all that visit Kijaro. With an acute eye for quality and inspiration Kijaro has been created to foster that glint of the past and bring it into your home.
Soft furnishings, homewares and curiosities are a key interest to Kimberley and she will purchase where ever she can. Through her travels, Kimberley brings to Kijaro a curated collection of fabrics, homewares, craft supplies, fashion and trinkets that will enrich and inspire.
‘I buy what I love and people tend to love what I buy. I hope that through Kijaro I can support your desire to rummage and hunt with a collection of fabulous treasures. I hope you can find something here you love as much as I do!'

Happy Treasure Hunting!