Visual Chronicles Book by Linda Woods
Visual Chronicles Book by Linda Woods
Visual Chronicles Book by Linda Woods
Visual Chronicles Book by Linda Woods
Visual Chronicles Book by Linda Woods
Visual Chronicles Book by Linda Woods

Visual Chronicles Book by Linda Woods

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The Visual Chronicles- The no-fear guide to creating art journals, creative manifestoes and altered books.  

Wonderful examples and inspiration and how to photographs. 

Soft cover book in very good, used condition. 

Measures 23cm x 23cm



The real news of our lives is not in newspapers. We must chronicle our own adventures and achievements, our brilliant observations and our comic relief, our best friends and our greatest embarrassments.

Visual Chronicles is all about YOU: your dreams, your memories, your daily routines, your greatest loves and your secret pet peeves. It's all about getting to know yourself better, savoring the wonderful ebb and flow of your everydays, and celebrating it all in visual mementos of your life journey.

Sound fun? Heck, yes! Sound hard? Not a bit. Each chapter of Visual Chronicles quiets common fears such as "Nothing happens in my life." or "I'm just not artistic." with projects such as the "My Day Unfolds Journal", and "Experiments with Composition." Inside, you'll learn that journaling doesn't take big chunks of time - just bits and pieces here and there, whenever the spirit strikes. "Get Going" exercises offer instant ideas such as listening to the conversations you have with yourself or recognizing that meaningful ephemera is a part of each and every day. Soon, you'll see that inspiration awaits all around you: a midnight trip to the store, a favorite scarf, an unexpected phone call, junk email, your breakfast plate . . .

Don't wait another second. Make creative journaling a part of your everyday life, busting through self-doubt, time clocks, piles of laundry, and every other roadblock along the way. With Visual Chronicles, you'll be inspired to tell your story the way only you can!


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